Now you can write on a school locker and not get in trouble!
This is an ordinary locker
School lockers
are a great place to
leave a simple message for a friend
throw a Big Party
and invite the whole Lacrosse Team!
This is a locker on
Locker Shockers!
A Locker Party is a popular way to celebrate birthdays and special events while at school. Lockers are customarily decorated with wrapping paper and special messages and greetings. With LOCKER SHOCKERS it's easy to have a party instantly without damaging the school locker.

Locker Shockers are decorations and greetings that instantly adhere to typical metal school lockers. They are easily customized with your own personal message. And the best part of it all, is that the Locker Shocker can be taken home as a momento of the special event, rather than meet the fate of the school janitor's garbage pail!

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